Happy New Year and happy new releases! I’ve had a great weekend, and I’m looking forward to sharing some new stuff dropping this month. If you’d rather watch the review instead of reading it then you have the opportunity to click here and watch on SMRI TV.

The Academic

The Academic - Tales From The Backseat

Tales From the Backseat – January 12, 2018

This Irish indie group has me hooked this winter. Their singles from their new album Tales From The Backseat, Permanent Vacation and Why Can’t We Be Friends?, has been playing over and over on my Spotify playlist. These dudes have been around since 2013, but I just recently ran across their music on YouTube last month. I went and listened to their Loose Friends EP and I liked it, but what really got my attention was the recently video for the single Bear Claws. It’s too much to explain, just click on the link and watch it. I’m excited to here what else the album has to offer.

Tonight Alive

Tonight Alive - Underworld

Underworld – January 12, 2018

Tonight Alive is in the business of reviving the rock sound, and their new single Crack My Heart is a gorgeous, heavy, rock n’ roll hit doing just that. I’m not one for breakdowns, but this song has a short breakdown that’s fitting for the song. The bright sounding guitars along with the crisp cut drums blend amazingly with Jenna McDougall’s powerful vocal performance. The world needs more rock.

Clean Bandit

Clean Bandit - I Miss You

I Miss You – January 19, 2018

The single release date doesn’t make much sense to me, because you can already watch and listen to their music on YouTube, BUT nonetheless, Clean Bandit has a release date for a hit song called I Miss You featuring Julia Michaels. I’m calling it a hit, because there is no doubt that it’s going to top the charts. This electropop song matched with Michaels’ vocals is a match made in heaven. It’s best if you listen to this song with headphones. You’ll be able to hear how well the song has been produced, Julia Michaels’ layered/harmonized vocals sounds angelic.

If you want jump head first into an emotion filled, electro-dance hit of Clean Bandit, then I’d suggest their song Tears featuring Louisa Johnson. It only has 128 million views on YouTube. No big deal.

Charlie Puth

Charlie Puth - Voicenotes

Voice Notes – January 19, 2018

This gentleman is one of the few talents that has been discovered via YouTube, and really made it. His viral success led him to an opportunity to co-write and co-produce a song with Wiz Khalifa called See You Again. This song has accumulated of 3.3 billion views on YouTube, and stayed atop the Billboard 100 for 12 non-consecutive weeks. The next song that grabbed my ear was We Don’t Talk Anymore, which I loved, but the song Attention really made me a fan. The lyrical flow and that thumpin’ bass line is a solid brick of fire. I love it. This single along with How Long will be on the new album – Voice Notes.

No Age

No Age - Snares Like a Haircut

Snares Like a Haircut – January 26, 2018

The two-piece noise rock group is back! This is true rock and roll in 2018. The loud, distorted, crunchy mess of a guitar sound of Randy Randall and the mighty, thunderous  drums of Dean Allen Spunt will power through your ears and make your brain say, “Hey, you wana break stuff?” Unfortunately, they don’t have a video from an official source for me to share with you, but you can listen to their killer single Soft Collar Fad on Bandcamp for free.

Give all this stuff and listen and tell me what you think!

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