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SMRI is an independent digital media company that exists at the intersection of creation, media, and technology.

SMRI focuses on delivering comprehensive digital content, with organic media for all of your digital needs.

SMRI provides multiple avenues of content consumption making sure that you’re always in control. As a content provider, SMRI is a Record Label as well, and offers a unique; ever-growing catalog to fit your needs for any media desire.














Featured Releases

Shot Down

This is the newest single, “Shot Down” another hit following the award winning single, “Real Mother Lover (Ft. Dylan Moore),” “Gypsy,” and “Broken Man.”

Contentment (Day Dream)

"This is a song I created in mid 2016, but discovering how to make the cellos sound the way they do was really the inspiration for this album. It made me feel amazing being able to make a song that clicked with me like this one, and gave me the drive to develop a...

Please Don’t Take Me Home

Please Don't take Me Home is the new hit single from the Red Chevrons in preparation for their upcoming album, Between Here and There! Out on June 17th!

Latest Chatter


I had a 1,500-word blog ready to post a couple of days ago and I deleted it. I highlighted my thoughts of the political world, my lack of trust for the entire media spectrum, and my concern of social media distorting our views and dividing our country even more....

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Mediarazzi to Launch “Josiah & The Greater Good.”

Takin’ It to the Streams — Developer Banks on TV Channel Setting the Stage for a New Revolution in Music Promotion. ***FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE*** (KNOXVILLE, TN) — Mediarazzi, the world’s leading developer and producer of TV channels for Roku and Connected TV platforms...

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Album Review: Kovilj by floating Beauty

The artist floating Beauty has created an incredibly gorgeous and intricate body a music. The opening track from the Kovilj album, Liturgija, is a testament to the production quality and talent of floating Beauty. The quiet build of this track pulls you into a world...

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You & Me

"You & Me" is the latest single by Chancellor Lawson, off his new EP, also titled "You & Me." This is the feature soundtrack song for the independent film, titled "The Sound of You and Me."

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Saturday, March 30th, 2019 at 12:56pm
We've been quiet for awhile, but it's because we're working on some really big things. 😉 We can't wait to share the news, so stay tuned. Check our website out and you'll already notice some differences 🙂



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