There are some solid and highly anticipated albums landing this month. Hopefully, they meet the hype.

Cloud Control


Zone – September 1, 2017

From the Blue Mountains near Sydney, Australia this alternative rock trio is releasing their third studio album. The single from the new album, Zone (This Is How It Feels), is incredibly interesting to me. After listening to it a couple of times I grew to like it more and more. It has a pop element to it, but I enjoy the somber piano playing behind the warm punchy drum beat. I’m curious to see how the rest of this album plays out.

The National

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Sleep Well Beast – September 8, 2017

What I love about The National is that they never stray too far away from their roots, but somehow expand their sound with each new album. Matt Berninger’s vocal performance is always amazing, and with the single The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness he proves again his talent for singing. The single has already reached number one on the Adult Alternative charts and after listening to the other two songs they released on YouTube, Guilty Party and Day I Die, I expect a possible Grammy nomination coming their way. This is going to be an amazing album.

Foo Fighters

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Concrete and Gold – September 15, 2017

If you’ve been around me for any amount of time you’ll quickly learn that I love the Foo Fighters. A majority of my t-shirts are Foo Fighters band shirts. I can listen to their albums from start to finish and I can fall in love with songs all over again. Romantic, right? Well, I’ll be one hundred percent honest with you – I wasn’t all that impressed with their new single Run from their upcoming album Concrete and Gold. That may sound like blasphemy to other die-hard Foo fans, but I can’t lie. The second single they released last week, The Sky Is A Neighborhood, to me personally, is just okay. I wish I could say better of the two songs, but hey, I’m not going to pretend I’m infatuated with something that I’m not. I’ll end up buying the album, because I want to support the band, but I hope there are some hidden gems in the album that redeem it for me.

The Killers

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Wonderful, Wonderful – September 22, 2017

This is a band that I seesaw with. I loved their debut album Hot Fuss. I wasn’t a fan of their second album Sam’s Town. Two years later they released Day and Age – thought it was great. You get the point? Well, the seesaw has dropped on the side I enjoy this time around. Just a couple days after it’s June 14th release, I heard  The Man beaming through my car speakers and was shocked. I knew it was Brandon Flowers voice, but I was thinking “Are they back? Is this really The Killers?” In an interview with NME, Flowers talks about the meaning of Wonderful, Wonderful, how much more of a personal album it is, and describes that this album reveals a more “tender” side of the band. I the band’s openness about this new album, and I really like what I’ve heard so far.

Shania Twain

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Now – September 29, 2017

Canadian singer and songwriter, “Queen of Country Pop” Shania Twain is back! She confirmed with Rolling Stone that she’ll be touring with her new album Now. The single that released this summer, Life’s About To Get Good has already reached over three million views on YouTube, and is climbing. If you’ve listened to the 1230 Podcast then you’re probably going to be confused as to why I’d would even list Shania in The Music Landing, but I just wanted to highlight that there are some country artists that do it right. Ms. Twain is one of those artists. I would respect the genre of country so much more if it remained true to its roots, and wasn’t trying to be hip hop.

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