Endless Garage’s highly emotionally involved and intricate first LP has now released, with “The War Head LP” now available globally!

The War Head LP consists of eight wonderfully constructed and carefully thought out tracks:

  1. Fear
  2. Anxiety Attack
  3. Negative to Positive
  4. Forward Motion
  5. Contentment (Day Dream)
  6. Learning Sound
  7. Unite With Joy
  8. The End


It’s been a whirlwind few weeks with the sear explosion of the holidays well and center at the time, it was easy to forget what an artistic masterpiece that Endless Garage creator, Skyler Burgess has created. We decided to break it down here for you:



“This is the first track of The Warhead LP because it sets up the entire concept of this album. There is a war going on in everyone’s mind. You are constantly battling yourself. From confidence and believing in yourself to downright depression, we all have our own battles we must face every day. This track gives you my point of view of the initial problem we face in the war in my head: ‘Fear’.

Thank you so much for reading. If you listen to the tracks in order you’ll understand how I have arranged what it sounds like to persevere through this never ending war.”


“I wanted this to sound exactly how I used to feel when I would have an anxiety attack. Going along with the concept of this album it’s the perfect follow on track to ‘Fear’. It’s a slow building song that peaks on a high note and drops off into a valley of ambient tones giving you the eerie feeling that you’re alone and unsettled.

This is something I never want to feel again, however, making a song that resembles this feeling was therapeuric. Thanks for reading and listening!”


“Facing your fears and overcoming the anxiety is an important life lesson to help a person move from the negative to the positive. This song takes you through the experience of leaving the negative mindset to changing how you think and entering the positive mindset.”


“Following this musical narrative you can hear sadness and struggle, but also hear a need to move forward. In my experience it’s part of the cycle to feel this way when it comes to making changes in your life. I believe this song really feeds into those emotions.”


“This is a song I created in mid 2016, but discovering how to make the cellos sound the way they do was really the inspiration for this album. It made me feel amazing being able to make a song that clicked with me like this one, and gave me the drive to develop a concept around it all. For all those reason and more I’ve made this song the single of the album and I’m excited for everyone to hear it.”


“‘Learning Sound’ is just a peaceful and uplifting song that I enjoy listening to. It’s sounds simple, but it was a song that forced me to learn different methods to create the synths you hear.”


“The day after the YouTube star/The Voice contestant, Christina Grimmie, was killed I made this song. Of all the deaths this year among famous musicians I actually felt a genuine loss with her passing away. I had watched her material on YouTube as early as 2011 and it broke my heart to hear of her death. She was incredibly talented and always brought joy in her videos. I didn’t really know how to react to her death other than to create music myself. I wanted to make a song that would resemble her joy and good vibes. Even in the bad times lets unite with joy.”


“You’ve been brought through the trials that my mind faces from time to time. This warhead.

There’s more stories to come, For now though it’s The End.

Thank you for taking the time to read the descriptions and listen to my album.”


There you have it friends, you now know as much about The War Head LP as we do!

We hope you enjoyed this neat little insight into the thoughts and inspirations that have led to this wonderfully sounding album.


Let’s start 2017 out strong!



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