After all year of randomly releasing electronic music of various types of sub genres, Endless Garage has come full-circle back to the trance style music that started it all. The War Head LP is the perfect way for EG and SMRI to end 2016 on an absolute explosion of passionate, mind-numbing euphoric trance music, and we can’t wait to share it with you on December 30th.


As such, we’ve decided to make a few tracks listenable on our SoundCloud page already, along with the feature single which will be free streaming and available for purchase on our own store in the next day.




“This is the first track of The Warhead LP because it sets up the entire concept of this album. There is a war going on in everyone’s mind. You are constantly battling yourself. From confidence and believing in yourself to downright depression, we all have our own battles we must face every day. This track gives you my point of view of the initial problem we face in the war in my head: ‘Fear’.

Thank you so much for reading. If you listen to the tracks in order you’ll understand how I have arranged what it sounds like to persevere through this never ending war.”


Now that Skyler himself has prepared you for what to expect and the basic theme of the album, here is the track listing to expect:


  1. Fear
  2. Anxiety Attack
  3. Negative to Positive
  4. Forward Motion
  5. Contentment (Day Dream)
  6. Learning Sound
  7. Unite With Joy
  8. The End


Now, with further ado, enjoy the single “Contentment (Day Dream),” for free streaming below:


Let’s end 2016 with a bang!