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“Real Mother Lover (Ft. Dylan Moore,)” has now captured it’s first award as the Best Pop Rock/Reggae song of July 2016 from Akademia Music! This is such a huge accomplishment for Josiah & The Greater Good, as well as us here at SMRI, as it is our first ever award winning release!!!

Not to tease, but we have some upcoming releases with Josiah….so get excited for more. We wished we could share more, but we’re a secretive bunch.

In the meantime, we just simply wanted to share this wonderful news and thank Akademia for their press and vote of confidence.

Here is what Akademia had to say about Josiah & The Greater Good’s “Real Mother Lover (Ft. Dylan Moore)”:

‘Real Mother Lover’ is radio-ready in the intricate fashion of a Sublime cut – its smart melodic contour and edgy vocalization perfectly serve the song’s feel-good aesthetic.

This is a huge stepping stone for J & TGG and it wouldn’t be possible without the support of all their wonderful fans and the people who follow us as well.


Thank you all so MUCH!!!