Red Chevrons - Between Here and There
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Exciting news for our friends from Pickering!

Since the debut album re-release of “Between Here and There,” people have been taking notice of the brilliant sound the Red Chevrons have to offer. Currently listing with over 100 monthly listeners in top cities such as London, Brussels, Stockholm, Paris, and Berlin; they have reason to be proud and celebrate!

The Red Chevrons are the longest tenured SMRI artist, and have been wish us virtually since the very beginning. They offer a unique indie rock sound and continue to impress. For more, here is their bio below:


Red Chevrons are a four piece indie/rock band from Pickering (North Yorkshire). Since forming in late 2007, the band have played in venues up and down the UK such as Liverpool, London, Manchester, Hull, Wakefield, Scarborough, Leeds and countless gigs in their local city of York supporting established acts such as Cast, Ash, Steve Cradock( OCS and Paul Weller), Jon Windle(little man tate)Twisted Wheel and Little Comets to name a few. Red Chevrons have done numerous recording sessions and have received airplay from several radio stations including the BBC introducing shows where they have played live sessions. So there you have it; with influences from bands and artists spanning the last 50 years. Red Chevrons write songs about everyday situations and emotions from elation to desperation and everything in-between summed up in a wall of sound with catchy guitar hooks and massive sing-along choruses.