The Pyramid EP
March 17th is finally here and that can only mean one thing. Yes, indeed, the new Endless Garage EP is here!!!


The Pyramid EP marks a striking turn in direction for Endless Garage, with this EP more of a Dance and House type genre as opposed to the ambient sounds you heard in The Eye EP.


The Pyramid EP, the sophomore release from Endless Garage, immediately jars your expectations with Burst, as it is affectionately named, does burst right into the scene, fast paced, deep, heavy, and overall lays the groundwork for the entire EP. Next up on the docket is OneTen, continuing on the foundation that Burst had built upon while leading to a more melodic, seamless feeling leading to the real barn burner of extremities, Americana….the anthem of this EP. Happy, expressive, with piercing, deep sound throughout.


The fourth track sees the February single, You or Someone You Know make it’s appearance in the EP lineup, as the vocal followup that American set forth, letting your emotions be free from your surroundings. Then, finally, as Endless Garage has made a trademark, the EP ends on a peaceful track, Lake House, with bliss success.


This is a release truly meant to test and charm your senses. Are you ready? Stream it now:



Cheers, and as always, forever Endless!