Broadcast 004 starts off with Jordan butchering the intro of the show in utter excitement of the moment. Not only does he have a close friend as a guest, but another close friend has came to visit today as well. Add that on top of a rowdy Oliver, the kitten, and it was an ambitious but stumbling beginning.

Nevertheless, Nick McConnell is our guest for this week’s TWD. He’s an aspiring Geologist who is currently in his last semester at ETSU (East Tennessee State Univeristy) and is a Geoscience major with a concentration in Geology and the Environment. Our topic? Geology. Asleep yet? We understand, but the joke is on you. This is one highly interesting show that tries to unearth a lot of the science of Geology into gerneralistic terms that can be understood by anyone.

Earthquakes, tectonic plates, fracking, climate related events, erosion and many more subjects are touched here.

Tim Whisenhunt also steps in near the end for a few small questions, some of which may be hard to hear him ask as he wasn’t wired in for the show, but we appreciate his questions nonetheless.

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