Introducing the first single off the upcoming The Swintz – Don’t Blink album; “The Way You Move!”

While the album isn’t available until October 9th, you can stream the single here for free, and purchase it from our store!

It all started at a typical summer pool house. Six blunts and a bottle of Woodford later and suddenly the world transformed in a euphoric haze. An occasional chord strummed lazily here, a chord “perfectly” mistimed sloppily there. But wait, this was just the beginning.


The world was at our fingertips in such bliss simplicity. It was undeniable. To follow through with our vision became paramount.


Thus, The Skwintz was formed. Consisiting of Chancellor Lawson (SmokeHouse Crickets) and Isaac Way (DJ Staqs) had begun.


The Chase? To dazzle. To create the unknown. To bend the definitions of genre. Take a moment with us. This is, The Skwintz.