SMRI Productions’ Managing Director, Jordan Owens, finally opens up with the prequel episode to the beginning of SMRI’s latest podcast offering, Three Waves Deep. TWD will be a new offering from SMRI in which Jordan, along with recurring co-host Skyler Burgess of the #1230Podcast will dive into deep investigative discussions on a broad range of deep topics between themselves and other guests as we look to gain insight into things that matter to the collective of our society.

Jordan talks about what a relief it is to finally get this monkey off his back, as podcasting has been something SMRI has aimed to make a priority since the fall of 2015.

Jordan spends times rambling on, sipping coffee and bouncing around from talking about his labor day family visiting, to his relief of finally getting this podcast off the ground. He then begins to gain some credibility with his listeners by explaining how the audience needs to genuinely get to know him to be able to trust his accounts of future topics covered and how this prequel broadcast is more of a trial to begin to get more comfortable podcasting.


Jordan also explains what the first broadcast will focus on, in which he and Skyler will jump into the highly uncomfortable topic of suicide. People in all nations have began taking their lives in a frighteningly increasing rate, to the tune of being deemed an epidemic in some countries such as New Zealand. We want to shed some insight, and get to really understand more about how bad this situation is and maybe find some hope in helping those in need.

Lastly, Jordan makes a point to invite his audience to be as active as possible, and help shape what it is we spend time discussing.


You can listen to us (tentatively) on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play,, Tune In and of course,