During a speech that Donald Trump was supposed to be giving on infrastructure, we witnessed soap opera TV at it’s finest. It was a telling moment.


There isn’t much that hasn’t already been reported on this. The mainstream media took this and ran with it, disregarding infrastructure altogether to remind our greater society that Donald Trump may not necessarily blame anyone for the incident that happened in Charlottesville over the weekend. Sure, it may not have been the most tasteful way to express his thoughts on the incident, but that is how Donald operates. Yes, everything he said yesterday was nothing more than a confirming of Trump’s character. Why anyone would be surprised by this is totally beyond us.

So let’s forget what an ugly person Trump can be, and simply think about this. Is it not phenomenally ironic that a press conference deemed to be on “Infrastructure” could spiral so out of control? Yesterday’s “Made for TV” exclamations from Donald Trump also happened to be extremely telling about our infrastructure. It’s crumbling before our very eyes.


Our emotions are getting the better of us. We’re forgetting about the greater good….

Don’t take our words for it though, just watch is disgust:



Still believe our infrastructure is intact? Unfortunately, we can still cripple that thought.

To the incredibly immense credit that Vice News deserves for being on the ground during this weekend’s events, it can be very telling to see just how frighteningly backward our society as headed during 2017.

Being uneducated is our issue, and it’s leading to social angst, and slowly ripping our infrastructure apart from within.


Watch the chilling Vice News episode below: