This sounds like an answered prayer to the Evangelical communities that voted for Donald Trump, but there are minorities that are receiving the back-hand of Trump’s ideals. Illegal immigration is one of the Trump Administrations main focuses. Iraqi Christians who risked their lives for their faith and escaped decades ago are now realizing that their hero is working diligently to deport them. Under Trump’s orders immigration authorities have arrested thousands of illegal immigrants, a.k.a. “criminal aliens”.

National immigration correspondent of The New York Times, Vivian Yee, reported that “though most of them came here legally, as refugees or through relatives who were American citizens, their green cards were revoked after criminal convictions on charges including theft, drug possession, rape and murder” (para. 11). They were permitted to stay “because the Iraqi government had refused to issue travel documents for them to return” (para. 12) However, this all changed three months ago when “Iraq agreed to begin accepting deportees in exchange for being dropped from the list of countries affected by Mr. Trump’s revised travel ban, which barred citizens of several predominantly Muslim countries from entering the United States” (para. 13).

There are many questions to be asked, but my interest lies in the response from the church as a whole. Who is lobbying for these refugees’ safety?

Thankfully, Christians within the Detroit area are responding in protest to the Trump Administration’s decision. NPR quoted Southern Baptist Convention member, Russell Moore, saying that “many evangelical Christians and Catholics are ‘deeply concerned about the possible return of Chaldean Christians to the Middle East, knowing this would essentially be a death sentence'” (para. 8).

CNN reported that “Judge Mark Goldsmith extended a temporary stay blocking [Iraqi nationals] deportation until July 24” because the “judge said the court needed additional time to determine whether the court has jurisdiction over the case in the first place, according to court documents” (para. 2 & 3).

Lawsuits have been filed, pardon’s have been submitted for review, and communities are rallying for the safety of these Iraqi Christians.

Will the courts acknowledge the dangers and protect them? Will President Trump retract and reform his immigration policies and keep his promise?

Only time will tell.