We’re proud to announce that as of January 1st, 2017, SMRI Productions has now opened a new division of the company for Publishing!!!


Essentially, behind the scenes in December, us here at SMRI were looking into the steps needed in order to further our label in 2017, become more profitable and sustainable, while at the same time continuing to pursue more royalties and recognition for our artists. So it should come at no surprise that we finally closed on aligning with a Professional Rights Organisation to allow us to enter the music publishing business.

With that being said, we have signed a five-year agreement with BMI!

So, you may be reading this wondering if this why we have chosen publishing, or exactly what this means?

Not to worry, we didn’t fully understand all the ins & outs at first either, but we can give a quick break down.

  • As a publisher, we are able to “publish” not only our record label’s music, but also take in other clients simply as a “publisher.” Remember that a label and a publisher are two separate entities performing two separate duties. However, that being said, as an independent record label we plan on only publishing music of those we share label interests with.
  • We can register artist’s works for global consideration and synchronizations such as TV placements, movie placements, and media options such as that.
  • We can now track royalties and accrue them from much more unique avenues such as radio airplay globally as well as via performance rights if another artist is covering our artist’s music.
  • Copyright clearance with all professional organisations.


Essentially, becoming a publisher allows us more dynamic ways to not only expose our artists to greater career opportunities but it also allows us to track and accrue more royalties for all their hard word.

Simply put, publishers do all the boring nitty gritty work to track down money and get people paid. We’re in the business of paying our artists what they deserve so we wanted to take it seriously.


While SMRI is a privately held LLC, we make a point of acting as if we are a publicly held company, which is why we share these details with the general public. Our artists deserve to be fully informed in just the same way that their fans and our fans deserve to know as well. We’re all a family in this together.


Thank all of you for your support and further fanfare. Let’s knock 2017 out of the park!