BullFrog Blues, Debut Music Video

For the past 14 months, we at SMRI have been slowly building our brand to what we deem as a sufficiently amazing production. That has culminated in our new music video direction we have decided to take with everyone’s favorite bluesy rockers, Smokehouse Crickets.


The debut music video for Smokehouse Crickets, ‘Bullfrog Blues,’ the final track off of the debut album, “With The Wind.”

“With The Wind” – Available Now! Order here: iTunes

Film footage from Augusta, GA, directed by Skyler Burgess, Executive Producers Skyler Burgess and Jordan Owens, an SMRI Production — details http://www.smriproductions.com

Site: http://smokehousecrickets.com
Store: http://www.smriproductions.com/store/
Facebook: http://facebook.com/smokehousecrickets
Twitter: http://twitter.com/churpchurpn
Instagram: http://instagram.com/smokehousecrickets


<center><iframe src="https://embed.spotify.com/?uri=spotify%3Aartist%3A05Tpax5pscOLj3YOYoU8sX" width="600" height="380" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true"></iframe></center>