To be different…

To most it’s a sign of awkwardness, of not fitting in, or being lonely even. To us however, we view it as a necessary step in the right path for the sake of being genuine.

We have spent years building a record label from the ground up, with absolute nothing as a foundation in the beginning, and pennies to spend for the beer to make it happen for a few years. Indeed, it does take a few dreamers and liquid courage to do what we do.


We look around and we see vast amounts of money being gifted to artists for performances they didn’t even put their heart into, just merely went through the phases, and we succumb to sickness. Indeed, we are passion whores. We seek those who put their absolute best into their craft, their intentions, their very movements even.


As a company, we have always been an outcast, and that is fine. It takes a lot of gall to put art and craft over the value of money. However, there will always be a need for something so real, so vivid, so absolutely passionate that it cannot be contained. We will forever strive to sustain that feeling of absolute bewilderment.



This is a call for our friends and supporters. While the sky is darkest before dawn, we also believe the greatest work the most diligently while not being noticed. It is that character that defines us, embodies us, and will forever lead us forward.

We thank all of you who follow us, day in, day out, always staying patient and always being supportive. It is with such care and support that we continue to leap forward, striving ever so farther into new heights that we could never have dreamed of, merely a year ago.

On October 5th of 2015, this website was a shitty hand-drawn template of a website. Today it represents something greater than all of us. It represents a growing gathering of excitement, home, and trust.

It is with that trust, we push forward in those we have deemed worthy to represent SMRI. Sure, we’re small town nobodies right now to the general masses, but to those small towns we’re the representatives of generations. Remember friends, popularity isn’t what defines us; but how we give back to our family, friends, and our greater community that will forever hold the fates of our memories.

Onward we push, forever aware of where we came from, the ashes we rose from, the friends we made, and the gathering at large we continue to convert.

We sincerely thank you for your support, stay tuned, it just may be a turning point 😉