It’s certainly very easy for Americans to forget the true meaning and importance of Independence Day. With a movie saga sharing the same name, one could certainly argue that “Independence Day” is more related to killing alien invaders than for securing (declaring) our unified independence as a country from Great Britain all those years ago (240 years ago on the 4th.)

With wide-ranging parties across the entire country, music festivals and shows galore, and fireworks around every corner, Independence Day has turned into an absolute adrenaline-filled party countrywide. To be fair, that’s absolutely remarkable. We deserve the right to celebrate our unity as a whole, solely united nation, independent from other’s actions, opinions, and thoughts. However, we must be cognizant of that fact.


Interestingly enough, America started a trend that would continue slowly for the next two millenniums. Countries such as France, Australia, Brazil, Italy; the list goes on…..they all can point to us, the United States, as the precedence for their actions. Our independence has helped influence so many other countries into becoming their own independent entities and that is something we should forever be proud of.

Indeed, independence may forever be the United States’ greatest accomplishment.

We’ve decided to celebrate Independence Day the only way we know how, with another one of our commemorative vinyl logos. It’s a testament to time and a tribute to the stars and stripes. We’re proud of where we are from, who we are, and who we’ve influenced.


Independent forever.